Exclusive design
Every design comes from a unique, original idea
All the workwear we produce is exclusively created for the client according to the specific needs of their workers.

The production is serial but never standardized; there is no catalogue. A bespoke model is drawn up for each client and the ensuing prototype is created to best satisfy every requirement and request.

An advanced prototype centre

For every design, our Product Managers study the needs of the client, then pass the brief to the designers and pattern makers who develop unique prototypes, fully customised down to the last detail in a perfect blend of functionality, technology, safety, aesthetics and comfort.

An advanced prototype centre

Every year, the advanced prototype centre in our head office in Italy creates over 700 new models as well as all the samples necessary for the approval, testing and inspection phases without delay.

«There is no problem that cannot be solved. There is no workwear that cannot be improved upon»

Comm. Franco Balducci

Research and innovation always stem from the needs of the client.

Years of manufacturing experience have allowed C.B.F. Balducci Group to develop transversal skills and to implement economies of scale even at product development level. This way the knowledge gained when creating one prototype can be applied to the development of other projects.


We offer our clients a range of fully customisable logistics services: from storage to delivery management.

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