Mass production starts with fabric cutting based on the vector models created for each different clothing size. Every year, over 5,500km of fabric are cut by three automated cutting lines in our factories in Montecassiano (MC).


Silk-screen printing, thermal printing, embroidery, label creation and application are done on every single component before stitching in order to guarantee impeccable finish and maximum product efficiency.


In our Italian headquarters, the cut and personalised fabric is organised according to model type and all necessary accessories are prepared in order to assemble the garment. All the material, accompanied by the relevant spec sheets, is then sent to be assembled by skilled workers in our factories in Albania and Tunisia.

Systemic review
of the finished

Once finished, the garments are sent back to the Italian facility and checked - one by one - to ensure there are no imperfections. Any small tailoring defects found are immediately dealt with before shipping.


After the quality control check, the garments are packed according to destination and delivery method. C.B.F. Balducci Group offers its customers the possibility of storing their orders in specifically assigned areas in the company warehouses and a customisable logistics management service in order to deliver complete kits to both company premises and individual workers.