To guarantee the maximum efficiency, performance and safety of our technical apparel, C.B.F. Balducci Group has forged certified partnerships with top suppliers in the field of innovative textiles.
Dupont – Nomex®

Nomex® is a fibre developed by DuPont™ which offers maximum protection against heat, flames and thermal effects of electric arcs. Lightweight and comfortable, yet extremely resistant, Personal Protective Equipment made from Nomex® protects those involved with hot work and electricity. 

W.L. Gore - Gore-Tex®

W.L. Gore is an international leader in the development of technical, breathable, waterproof fabrics that are designed to be windproof and resistant to cold and harsh weather. With Gore-Tex® C.B.F. Balducci Group produces PPE that guarantees maximum comfort and a very high level of protection for outdoor workers who are exposed to foul weather and low temperatures.