Personal protective equipment
Workwear that protects
C.B.F. Balducci Group designs and creates technical, certified clothing so that every worker can feel safe and comfortable even in high-risk situations. Personal Protective Equipment now accounts for 40% of the company’s production.

From protective clothing for low-level risk to multi-risk Category II and III garments to high-tech suits, C.B.F. Balducci Group designs and creates protective, certified clothing capable of shielding the wearer from both generic and specific risks arising from exposure to hazards such as:

     harsh weather

     welding and related processes

     forest and vegetation fires

     fire and heat

     thermal effects of electric arcs

     chemical products

     accumulation of electrostatic charges in ATEX environments

A verified and verifiable production
Complete transparency of the production process and full conformity with international standards are fundamental prerequisites in making Personal Protective Equipment. Repeated successfully passed audits are proof that C.B.F. Balducci Group is a verified and verifiable production system both internally and externally by the client companies and by the relevant supervisory authorities.


The company has acquired all the process certifications necessary to produce Personal Protective Equipment and has implemented production and monitoring protocols in order to obtain the product certifications that ensure the validity of the equipment.

Today, the company is capable of producing PPE that complies with the technical requirements set by numerous European standards.

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Continual innovation and top supplier partnerships

The effectiveness of PPE relies not only on the fabrics used but also on the correct assembly of the product.

In order to guarantee the highest quality, C.B.F. Balducci Group commits to:

  • selecting only top-quality suppliers
  • developing partnerships with innovative producers such as DuPont™ for Nomex® fibre and W.L. Gore for Gore-Tex® fabrics.
  • supporting Research & Development based on the actual needs of our clients in order to improve our product performance.

Branding: protect in style

Branding is an important factor for Personal Protective Equipment too. That is why we blend functionality with aesthetics to create protective clothing designed to fit the brand identity of each company