Quality control
Material testing

The raw materials undergo thorough testing in a laboratory in our central headquarters in Italy.

The fabrics and the accessories are already certificated by the respective producers but our technicians carry out a further series of tests on the fabrics to measure:

  • weight
  • dimensional stability
  • colour fastness
  • tensile strength
  • tear strength

All workwear is worn for long periods of time, dirtied easily and washed often, even in domestic washing machines. Through these tests, the company can be sure that the garments stand up to the rigors of time, frequent washing and heavy duty use while remaining comfortable and functional.

Finished product review

Over 50 years, C.B.F. Balducci Group has built up a solid foundation of trust with our clients because we can guarantee both that all garments match the prototype exactly and that each individual garment is of the highest quality. We know this because a further quality check is carried out on the finished products at the end of the production process.