Professional and promotional clothing
When the suit makes the brand
Since 1970 we’ve been making professional clothing with an original design: unique, comfortable, functional and in line with a brand’s own identity.

Recognisability, design, comfort e protection: these are our guiding principles as we create professional and promotional clothing for every sector.
Recognisability and design

The uniform that employees wear is not just a way to identify their professional role, it speaks volumes about the company they work for; a very effective tool in business communication. C.B.F. Balducci Group is mindful of this through the attentive design and style of its workwear.

Comfort and wearability

Workwear stays on throughout the long work day; it’s much like a second skin and as such, it needs to be comfortable. Comfort comes from the choice of material and the fit of the garment; this is why our designers work so hard to strike that perfect balance between design, functionality and practicality of use.


All our clothing is made to be wear and wash resistant: it won’t be easily damaged, warped, or discoloured. That’s because the materials selected from top suppliers are thoroughly tested in our own laboratories.