Mission and vision
Design, create and deliver workwear to equip and protect workers of every sector, anywhere in the world.

Since 1970 C.B.F. Balducci Group has studied the needs of our clients to create professional, technical, certified apparel that fulfils the precise functional and aesthetic requirements of each company and each worker.

Guided by the unflagging spirit of its founder, Franco Balducci, the company cultivates and propagates a business model based on deep-rooted human values:


Family - the cornerstone of the entire business

Dedication – the driving force behind the work.

Italy - where the company has always generated value

Respect - for workers and for all humanity.

Responsibility - at every level, both professionally and socially.

Flexibility - to grow and always provide the best possible solution.

Service – because it’s what makes the real difference.



«A company is made up of all the people who work in it: everyone contributes to making a business great and this is why mutual respect and trust are of the utmost importance, why enthusiasm and eagerness must be shared and the work done with love and passion»

Comm. Franco Balducci

Industrial company
From plan to prototype, from mass-production to custom delivery, offering exclusive solutions to every need.

Our design and prototyping centre is where we create each garment and develop innovative solutions that meet the actual needs of our clients.

Efficient industrial programming and an engineered production system mean each garment we design can be produced in any quantity: from a single one to hundreds of thousands of pieces.

High quality is assured thanks to a series of systematic inspections carried out at our headquarters; from material testing to prototype fitting to the final sign off of each and every garment. 

C.B.F. Balducci Group offers fully customisable logistic services, with dedicated client storage areas available in our warehouse and ad hoc shipping. 

C.B.F. Balducci Group
An international industrial enterprise with branches in Italy and Europe, designing and producing over 1.5 million garments every year.

Founded 50 years ago as a small tailor’s workshop, today it’s an international industrial group with more than 900 employees in its Italian and Albanian branches.

Every year, at the company’s headquarters in Montecassiano - which covers an area of 18,000m2 - more than 700 models are designed, 15,000km of fabric is cut, thousands of prototypes are sewn and where we inspect - one by one – over 1.5 million garments that are assembled in our factories in Laknas, Albania.

In this way, the company retains control over all phases of production and can guarantee the excellent quality of the finished product.



«An international company that keeps Italy at the heart of it all. Creating prosperity and jobs in our country is and will always be our primary objective»

Comm. Franco Balducci

A window into the future
Business and family: two generations working together towards a great future.

The Balducci family is the DNA of C.B.F. Balducci Group. The new generation has grown up in the business, immersed in a company culture rooted in practicality and dedicated to continual development.

Bolstered by their educational and personal experiences, each of the younger members of the Balducci family has developed specialized skills to oversee the company’s evolution with professionalism and passion and guide it through the new, technological, global landscape.