With the experience gained over time, we now cover practically all fields of work including the production of highly technical and certified workwear while, at the same time, offering the client first-class design and goods made to personal specification.

For this reason, the only garments that are always available to the Client are those in the section ‘Stock Service’ which is just a small part of the much broader service that we provide. We invite you to visit our Gallery where there are a few, purely illustrative, examples taken from the thousands of different garments which are produced in our factory every year using the widest possible range of fabrics.


Why don’t we have a proper catalogue?

CBF Balducci SpA has always focused on making garments studied to suit the exact requirements of the Client both aesthetically and technically so a catalogue would be misleading. We have therefore chosen to create a gallery of photos to give some idea of what we do.

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