Comm. Balducci visits Moto2 paddock

While he was travelling in Spain for important business meetings, comm. Franco Balducci took the opportunity to visit the paddock of Team Italtrans on the occasion of last GP of Catalunya.

It was a good way to check the status of the relationship with Team Italtrans and to watch the very good race of Mattia Pasini (second best result in this season).

  • 00000DSC_3732
  • DSC_3544
  • DSC_3546
  • DSC_3547
  • DSC_3561
  • DSC_3562
  • DSC_3585
  • DSC_3705
  • DSC_3724
  • DSC_3726
  • DSC_3728
  • DSC_3730
  • 13315469_1075048922560599_462500185999311494_n
  • 13315770_1075049032560588_5537020970296995225_n
  • 13321864_1075049825893842_172783835323060158_n
  • 13322064_1074524372613054_2895651700569746003_n
  • 13325604_1075049759227182_8209399033651674723_n
  • 13327588_1075048985893926_1280975519575010717_n
  • 13330987_1075049702560521_7526762970251979975_n
  • 13332751_1074524375946387_5564011127835582028_n
  • 13335600_1074524362613055_905761911413604029_n
  • 13346521_1075049792560512_3175508594568926800_n
  • 13346833_1074524352613056_5654001993566769025_n

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