aerea-1In the town of Montocassiano, Italy, among the hills where Leopardi once wrote, there is a workwear manufacturer that upholds the highest Made in Italy traditions; CBF Balducci.

The heartfelt wish of the founder, Commendatore Franco Balducci, is love and TAILORING respect for your own work and for that of others.

This is the love and respect that we find in CBF products: they are a combination of style, function and quality workmanship and choice of materials.

This is the love and respect that live on in a modern interpretation within the Company’s production procedures, strongly oriented to high levels of productivity whilst respecting the environment and people.

This is also the love and respect that can be seen in customer relations: open relations, which last and which are oriented to partnership and common growth.

Still today, CBF Balducci attentively nurtures the spirit of craftsmanship that is behind the greatness of this part of central Italy: knowing how to harmoniously merge the wisdom of hands with the most innovative technology within an increasingly competitive market.

This has produced a tailoring approach that has allowed the Company to distinguish itself in the market for the competitive elements of its success:
– production flexibility;
– capacity to respond to every single requirement of every single customer;
– logistics and distribution intelligence;
– a well thought out approach for large-scale commissions as well as small- scale samples.

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